6 Plastic-Free Alternatives to Everyday Products

A few of our favorite brands with eco-friendly packaging or business models.

Meghan Maupin

CEO of Atolla

Meghan Maupin

Meghan has a graduate degree in Engineering and Management from MIT, and previously worked in design roles at Patagonia, The MIT Design Lab, and Formlabs.



We’ve always been a strong proponent of sustainability, especially since the beauty industry is one of the top contributors to plastic pollution. From the beginning, we designed Atolla to take away from that waste, not contribute to it.

We encourage you to swap out frequent purchases for eco-friendly alternatives, not just this month but every month going forward. Here are a few products we personally enjoy.

by Humankind
Hand sanitizer refills

Reusable containers for pills, skincare, + more

Powder dish soap and dishwasher tablets

Kjaer Weis
Refillable makeup with recyclable packaging

Daily probiotics with compostable packaging and monthly refills

OWA Haircare
Water-activated haircare

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