Can You Shower with Press on Nails


Can You Shower with Press on Nails? [Answered]



10 MIN READ | January 31, 2024

When you want to enjoy the convenience of press-on nails, one concern that often comes up is that if they can withstand being exposed to water. The answer is that it depends. You see, while press-ons are not suitable for prolonged water exposure like dishwashing or swimming, they are definitely water-resistant enough to withstand a shower.

However, you need to take special care to prevent the nails from getting damaged, or god forbid, detaching from your fingers. Below you will find what precautions you need to take while showering with your press-on nails and how to keep press-on nails on in the shower. We’ll also highlight when you should avoid showering with those and some other commonly asked queries regarding press-on nails.

Precautions When Showering with Press on Nails

Precautions When Showering with Press on Nails

Yes, your press-on nails can survive water, to some extent at least. But don’t take it for granted and take these necessary precautions when you are thinking of showering with them:

1. Don’t Soak too Long

Avoid soaking nails in water for too long. Take quick showers instead of long baths. Prolonged water exposure can weaken the nail glue.

2. Avoid Hot Water

Use warmer instead of hot water. Very hot water can also loosen the adhesive. Stick to lukewarm water.

3. Apply Glue Reinforcer

Apply nail glue reinforcer. Dab a bit of extra nail glue around the edges of each nail before showering. This will strengthen the bond.

4. Wear Gloves

Still not feeling safe? Wear gloves. Latex or rubber gloves will provide an extra barrier against water getting under the nails.

5. Don’t Rub

Avoid rubbing nails vigorously. Scrubbing the nails too hard while washing can pop them off. Gently glide a washcloth over the nails instead.

6. Dry Carefully

Rather than rubbing your press-on nails to dry them after a shower, pat them dry. This way, you can make sure not to loosen them.

7. Use Cuticle Oil After

Apply cuticle oil after showering. The oil will rehydrate the nail bed and help re-adhere any edges that got loose.

When to Avoid Showering with Press On Nails?

When to Avoid Showering with Press On Nails

It’s not always enough to take precautions. Sometimes, you should avoid showering your press-on nails altogether. Here’s when you should do that:

  1. Don’t shower right after applying your press-on nails. Let the glue cure fully, which can take about 2-4 hours. But letting them cure for a full day is better.
  2. If there is already some existing wear and tear on those press-ons, i.e. they are starting to wiggle, they can easily pop off in the shower.
  3. If your press-on nails are extra long or there are embellishments, the added weight of water makes it more likely to detach.
  4. If nails are filed too thin. Filing natural nails thinly before press-on application causes them to be more vulnerable to water damage.

How to Keep Your Press on Nails Intact for Long?

Keeping your press-on nails intact for a long time takes some caretaking. Here’s how you can keep your press-on nails intact for long:

Prep Nails: Prep your nails carefully. Gently buff away shine and clean nails with alcohol before applying glue.

Avoid Oily Products: Lotions, creams, and oils around the nails can break the glue more quickly. Therefore, apply them higher up on the hands.

Use Hands Gently: Your press-on will last longer if you use your hands delicately. Avoid rough activity. Wear gloves when washing dishes or having a long shower.

Sleep Carefully: Try to sleep with your pals up. This prevents press-ons from being pushed upwards off the nails during your sleep.

Check for Lifting: Check your add-ons regularly. As soon as you spot a lifted edge, apply glue reinforcement to avoid pop-off.

Reapply Glue: Other than filling small gaps, you can also reapply glue every few days. This regular touch-up will keep the bond stronger for long.

Can You Wash Your Hair with Clip-on Nails

It is possible to wash your hair while wearing clip-on nails. However, you need to be careful and not rub your scalp vigorously. Blot dry your nails carefully immediately after. You should also consider wearing gloves for better protection.

Avoid heat styling afterward, as the heat might damage the plastic clips beyond repair. Always focus washing on hair lengths rather than roots, when you have your clip-ons on.

People Also Asked

How long is it safe to wear press on nails?

Properly applied nails are safe to wear for up to two weeks.

Are fake nails waterproof?

As they are made of acrylic and plastic, they are waterproof. But, you should keep them dry as much as possible.

Which fake nails are healthier?

Soak-off gel nails are healthier than press-on nails since they are flexible and less likely to crack.


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