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15 MIN READ | February 04, 2024

A popular chain of hair salons, Great Clips has an extensive network of over 4,400 salons and offers an extensive range of salon services. This franchise serves 1.7 million customers in the United States and Canada every week.

With Great Clips, you’ll receive an affordable, well-executed haircut that aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle.  The salon offers child and senior haircuts, beard, neck, and bang trims, shampoo, and different styling options to accommodate a variety of grooming styles.

Thanks to its dedicated local salon stylists, the brand offers skilled haircuts beyond mere hair trimming and crafting looks that cater to a wide range of personalities.

Another distinctive feature is its affordability, making it easy to get the haircut you want without breaking the bank. 

At Great Clips, you don’t need an appointment to get a haircut. Their Online Check-In lets you add your name to the waitlist from anywhere based on the salon’s current situation. 

Check out the Great Clips app to see availability and schedule an appointment to find out the exact price and wait time. If you want to know more about their services or prices, you can call them directly.

Several customers have given Great Clips a 4-star rating on Google, so they’ve had a positive experience. On Yelp and Consumer Affairs, the rating is a little lower at 3 stars, which indicates a mix of experiences and opinions.

Maybe they have many branches that make experiences different across locations, contributing to the varying ratings.

Generally, Great Clips is a friendly place. There’s a friendly staff and a clean, well-maintained environment, so you can have a good salon experience.

So you may think about how much is a haircut at great clips for mens and women? You’ll find a wide range of great clips haircut price here, so you’ll find something that fits your style and budget. It’s usually $15 to $50 for a standard adult haircut, depending on the location. You can get shampoo, coloring, and styling for extra.

For customers looking to get their haircuts during regular business hours, most Great Clips branches are open from 9 AM to 7 PM.

Great Clips Salon Services & Pricing List for 2024

Great Clips Salon Services and Price List

Great Clips offers haircuts for kids and seniors, trims for neck, beard, and bangs, and different styling options. They make sure everyone, no matter the age or style, gets the grooming they want.





Child Haircut (10 & Under)


Senior Haircut (65 & Over)


Neck Trim


Beard Trim


Bang Trim




Regular Style


Long Style


Formal Style


Partial Perm


Long Perm


Full Perm


Formal Style


Long Length Style


Regular Style


Make sure you check out Great Clips’ prices before you go.  Each Great Clips location is owned by a franchisee, and they have thousands across the country. 

The franchisee sets the prices for their services based on the location of their salon. Although services are consistent, there might be slight differences from city to city. It’s normal for Great Clips salons in big cities to charge a little more.

Great Clips Men’s Haircut Prices

Typically, Great Clips charges adults approximately $18 to $20 for a haircut. Children and senior citizens can expect to pay around $15 to $20 for their haircuts.

The cost of an adult haircut in Beaumont, CA is $25. The cost of a haircut in this location is $20 for seniors and kids.

There is a $25 adult haircut fee in Tampa, FL, and a $10 child or senior haircut fee in Norco, CA, as well as Mt. Laurel, NJ.

The cost of a haircut for an adult in Jacksonville, FL is $20, while the cost for a child or senior is $18. Children and seniors at Great Clips in Missouri City, TX, pay $15 for haircuts and $18 for adults.

Their stylists are trained in various men’s haircuts, from fades and crew cuts to undercuts or simple trims. They offer affordable prices and provide a personal consultation before each cut to bring your vision to life.

Great Clips Hair Color Services

Great Clips Salon Hair Color Services

Great Clips doesn’t offer hair coloring services. This franchise specializes in haircuts and styling. 

Their main goal is to provide convenient and affordable haircuts. If you are looking for hair coloring services, check out other salons or specialized colorists.

Balayage And Highlights At Great Clips

Great Clips doesn’t currently provide highlights and balayage since it isn’t a full-service salon. 

The fact that you don’t have to deal with time-consuming services is an advantage. There is no need to wait for these specific services, as stylists are available quickly.

Great Clips Women’s Haircut Price

Great Clips is dedicated to offering skilled haircuts for women. Walk-ins are welcome at all Great Clips salons. Depending on the service you choose, Great Clips offers different prices for women’s haircuts.

Standard haircuts start at $15. If you want extra services like shampoo and blowout, it’ll cost you $20-35. For a more specialized cut, like a layered cut or a pixie cut, it starts at $25 and goes up from there.

If you’re unsure about the haircut you want, consult with a stylist, and they’ll help make your hair dreams a reality. The stylists are skilled in popular women’s haircuts like bobs, blunt cuts, bangs, and layers.

How Much Is A Layered Haircut At Great Clips?

Wondering about the cost of a layered haircut at Great Clips? Don’t worry; it’s budget friendly. Various layered haircut options are available, such as short, long, or blended layers.

Typically, a layered haircut costs around $25 to $50. The prices listed here may change from location to location, so make sure to check with your Great Clips for the most recent pricing information.

Brow Services

At certain Great Clips locations, you can get basic eyebrow trims, although these are not specifically listed as part of their core services. Skilled stylists are available to handle eyebrow trimming and bring bushy brows under control.

Great Clips Beard Trim Price

Those who don’t require a full haircut can also get neck trims, bang trims, and beard trims at Great Clips. With Great Clips’ competitive pricing, you will find that the service is comparable to that offered by similar salons in the area.

The cost of these trims is lower than that of a haircut, typically ranging from $8 to $15 per trim. Local prices vary.

Adding bang, neck, or beard trim to a grooming service in Chesapeake, VA will cost $15. Trimming costs $10 in Algonquin, Illinois, or Aurora, Colorado. At Missouri City, TX, residents can trim their bangs, necks, and beards for $8.

Makeup and Lashes Prices

Currently, there is no information available for makeup and lashes from Great Clips, as these services are not included in their offered services.

Great Clips Perm Prices 

Great Clips offers a variety of perm options to suit different hair types and styles. These include partial, long, and full perms. Expect to pay $50-70 for a regular perm, a long perm for $115 and a partial perm for $30. 

There are different types of perms, and each has its own price, so you can choose one that fits your budget and your desired look. You’ll have to consider the specific type and length of the perm when comparing prices.

Skin Treatments Pricing

Great Clips primarily focuses on services such as neck and beard trimming and doesn’t currently provide specific skin treatments. For a neck and beard trim, you can anticipate a cost ranging from $8 to $10. 

They attract a big customer base because of their affordable beard care and grooming. Recent research shows that most men don’t want to pay more than $10 for facial hair grooming, even if it’s a premium product.

Hair Extensions

You might have to pay extra to get longer hair with extensions. You should talk to your stylist about your style preferences and the cost implications.

Kids Haircuts

At Great Clips, kids get a great salon experience with a kid-friendly touch. Walk in or check in at the nearest salon. 

Haircuts for kids are priced based on their age. It’s $15 for kids under 10. Prices start at $18 for kids between 10 and 12. 

Some extra services, like shampoo, styling, and special treatments, cost extra. If you want more details on pricing, talk to your local Great Clips.

Haircuts for kids should be fun, and the local stylists are trained to make it enjoyable. They provide haircuts that leave the youngest customers smiling and ready to come back.

Great Clips Prices for Seniors

Great Clips offers the same excellent haircut services for seniors, covering thin, thick, colored, or natural hair. 

The stylists can work with all hair types and textures, making them one of the best hair salons. Don’t forget to inquire about the senior discount during your visit. In order to qualify for senior discounts at Great Clips, customers must be 65 or older.

It’s an affordable and convenient way for seniors to maintain their hairstyle with this reduced price of $18.

Treatment for Healthy Hair

You can restore the health and beauty of your hair at Great Clips. Besides shampoo and conditioner, you can choose extras as well. You’ll spend $5 to $8 for shampoo, and $15 to $20 for conditioning.


You can choose from a wide range of haircuts at Great Clips. You can achieve the look you want through their experienced stylists, whether you want a classic bob, a trendy pixie cut, or layered style.

No matter what your hair preference is, they will take care of it. They can offer you short hair, long hair, straight hair, or curly hair, and everything in between. The cost of a regular haircut ranges from $25 to $50.  

Depending on your hair length, it could cost you $40 to $55. However, if you prefer a classic style, you might have to pay between $55 and $75, depending on how formal you are.

If you’re thinking about getting a new hairstyle, you should be aware of how much it will cost you. It takes more time and precision to create formal styles, which is why they are more expensive.


At Great Clips, you have the option to go for textured haircuts, adding a bit of flair to your look. 

If you’re sticking to a regular hair length, the price typically falls in the range of $25 to $45. Keep in mind that the cost can vary based on the style you choose.

Additional Salon Services

Great Clips offers a bunch of services, mainly focused on hairstyling and haircuts. The cool part? They serve everyone, from kids to seniors. Plus, there are discounts available for haircuts, making it affordable for all.

Besides haircuts, Great Clips offers hair care services to customize your experience. Need a quick touch-up? You can get neck trim for $8. The Bang Trim is also $8 if you want to keep your bangs in check. 

You can also add a Beard Trim for $8 if you have facial hair. Want to add a little freshness? You can get shampoo for $5.

You can get your beards, necks, or bangs trimmed here at really affordable prices. If you want, you can also add shampoo and styling to any haircut you go for. The most popular services people ask for are trims and haircuts.

Great Clips Costs Vs. Other Salons

Compared to other salons, Great Clips provides affordable and professional hairstyling for up to 50% less than competitors. 

The prices are competitive when compared with other salons so its customers can enjoy professional haircuts without breaking the bank.

Great Clips Opening & Closing Hours

Salon Hours


9 AM – 5 PM


10 AM – 5 PM


11 AM – 7 PM


11 AM – 7 PM


11 AM – 7 PM


11 AM – 7 PM


11 AM – 7 PM

Check with your nearest Great Clips location for their specific opening and closing hours. The times listed here are only for one location.

Great Clips Coupons, Deals & Discounts

Take advantage of Great Clips’ exclusive deals, coupons, and discounts to save big. The salons and their partners always have awesome promotions, whether it’s something that lasts a month, a season, or an entire year. 

So, if you are looking for awesome promotions whenever you want, then Great Clips salons and their partners are the perfect place to look.  

You can find exciting offers on their website’s Promotions Tab, and don’t forget to ask for local salon coupons while you’re there. 

They also offer special discounts for seniors without requiring a coupon. You can also save on top-notch haircare products on top of the excellent savings on haircuts. 

Join their email list and get $2 off your next visit. Subscribe to receive the latest hair tips, promotions, and deals straight to your inbox.


Important Links & Contact Details Of Great Clips

Official Website

Salon Locator


Haircare Products

Senior Discounts

Great Clips Branch Location & Contact Details

In the United States and Canada, Great Clips has over 4,400 salons. A large number of Great Clips salons are located in Illinois, Florida, and California.

It is easy to find a salon nearest you on their website ( Once you’re on the website, click “Find a Salon”. Simply enter your zip code or city to find a salon. 

On the website, you’ll find Great Clips locations near you, along with their contact information, addresses, and hours of operation. You can also contact Great Clips customer service if you can’t find the information online.

Salon Locator: 

Great Clips On Social Media






Haircare Products At Great Clips

There are a lot of benefits to using Great Clips haircare products. With these high-quality products, you can nourish, moisturize, and protect all kinds of hair. 

No matter how dry, damaged, or frizzy your hair is, Great Clips haircare products can help you. Moreover, their affordable prices make salon-quality hair care accessible to everyone.

Salon Products:

Take your style to the next level with these premium haircare products from Great Clips salons:

  • American Crew
  • Bosley MD
  • TIGI Bed Head
  • Matrix Total Results
  • SexyHair
  • Paul Mitchell

Tea Tree Solutions by Great Clips:

Holistic hair products that are good for your body, your style, and your mind. 


Solutions by Great Clips:

The Solutions line is their exclusive line of haircare and styling products.


Appointment Procedure of Great Clips

Great Clips distinguishes itself by offering walk-in haircuts, allowing you to receive a haircut on a first-come, first-served basis without an appointment. 

The duration of the wait for a haircut is influenced by factors such as the time of day, day of the week, and the specific salon location. Typically, wait times are shorter during off-peak hours and longer during peak times, such as weekends.

To further streamline the process, you can use the Great Clips Online Check-In feature. This allows you to check wait times and potentially add your name to the waiting list before heading to the salon.

To download the Great Clips app:


Payment Options

You can pay with a variety of options at Great Clips. Their payment methods range from traditional cash and cards to cutting-edge digital options like Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

You’ll get discounts through our loyalty programs, contactless convenience with QR code payments, and more. 

Why Choose Great Clips?  

The benefits of choosing a franchise-operated salon like Great Clips are many. Salons with franchises often have consistent prices across locations, making them affordable. 

Plus, there are lots of locations in the US and Canada thanks to the franchise model. In addition, all salons have a friendly, low-key atmosphere, creating a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

Before going to a salon, you can check wait times and add your name to a wait list with Online Check-in. 

The Clip Notes app also lets stylists add customer preferences. With Clip Notes, stylists can access previous customer notes and preferences so they can give better service.

People Also Asked About Great Clips Salon

How Much Should I Tip?

It’s generally considered appropriate to tip 15-20% of the total. If you feel like you got bad service, you might tip around 10% of your total bill.

Your overall satisfaction with the experience, the quality of the haircut, and the customer service you receive all play a role in the tip percentage.

Can You Tip With Card At Great Clips?

You can tip at Great Clips with cash or a debit/credit card. Tipping can be added to the total amount when you pay with a card.

Can I Make An Appointment?

Great Clips is mostly walk-in-only, meaning you can get a haircut without an appointment. There’s also an online check-in option on their website or mobile app.

Do I Need The Great Clips App?

Great Clips’ app isn’t mandatory, but it definitely makes things easier for you. By checking in online, you save time by avoiding waiting in line at the salon. 

Also, you’ll be able to plan your visit more efficiently with real-time wait times. Additionally, the app often offers discounts and promotions. Download the Great Clips app for a more streamlined and time-saving salon experience.

How Do I Check The Balance On My Great Clips Card?

Go to Great Clips’ official website to check your gift card balance. Go to “Check Gift Card Balance”. You’ll need to enter the gift card number and PIN.

When Can I Get A Haircut At Great Clips?

Walk-in waits at Great Clips can vary, depending on the stylists’ availability and how many customers are ahead of you. 

To check the waiting list, use their app to check the waiting list. If you know what the wait times are ahead of time, you can avoid long lines.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Haircut At Great Clips?

It usually takes 15-20 minutes to get a haircut at Great Clips. The wait time may vary depending on the time of day and how many people are waiting.

How Do I Choose A Stylist At Great Clips?

If you want to choose a Great Clips stylist, check their bio, review for hair stylist, check their portfolio, and ask friends and family for recommendations. 

You should pay attention to specializations, observe their work, and communicate your preferences clearly. Don’t be afraid to try different stylists until you find the one you love.

Final Words

For the most up-to-date Great Clips prices and wait times, visit their official website, or get in touch with a local salon. 

You can find the nearest salon using their online salon locator, which provides details about the services and their prices. 

Furthermore, you can ask the local salon about wait times and any special discounts and promotions they may be offering. This way, you’ll have the latest, most accurate information.


Dylan Mustapich is a NYC-based lead esthetician who has been featured in New Beauty, Teen Vogue, Wired, and The Huffington Post. With a lifelong love of all things skin, he is incredibly knowledgeable about skincare ingredients, routine refinement, and personalized skincare, and follows emerging technology closely.

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