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Hair Cuttery Prices List, Services, Deals, and More [2024 Data]



16 MIN READ | February 28, 2024

So, you might have heard of Hair Cuttery – it’s kind of a staple in the hair care scene for a lot of reasons. Firstly, it’s pretty convenient – you can usually just walk in without an appointment. 

Secondly, it’s affordable, which is always nice. They offer a range of services, so whether you need a basic trim or something more elaborate, they’ve got you covered.

No matter where you are, chances are there’s a Hair Cuttery nearby where you can get your haircut or styled. 

With more than 500 locations across the United States, Hair Cuttery provides convenient access to its services for many people throughout the country.

Hair Cuttery boasts skilled hairstylists who are dedicated to providing top-notch service. With a wide range of services available, they cater to clients of all ages, from children to adults.

Now you might be wondering, how much is a haircut at Hair Cuttery? Here comes the best part. Prices at Hair Cuttery are actually very reasonable with rates starting from $24.

Regardless of whether you want a simple trim or a bold new style, Hair Cuttery ensures expertise and professionalism. The quality varies by location, with ratings ranging from 3.7 to 4.8. 

At Hair Cuttery, you can expect friendly and professional staff behavior during your visit. The place is typically clean and well-maintained, offering a comfortable atmosphere for clients.

Booking appointments at Hair Cuttery is convenient and easy with their online platform and mobile app. You can browse through available services, select your preferred salon and stylist, and even reschedule if needed.

Hair Cuttery typically opens around 8:00 AM and closes around 8:00 PM, though these hours may vary depending on the location.

Now that you’ve got the lowdown, feel free to take a look at Hair Cuttery’s price list and service details below. It’s worth checking out to see what they offer and how much things cost before you decide to book anything.

Hair Cuttery Price List & Services Offered

Hair Cuttery Prices and Services

Hair Cuttery provides a comprehensive range of services, including haircuts, color treatments, blowouts, textured hair services, hair straightening, perms, wash and set, waxing, beard trims, and clipper cuts. Prices for these services can vary. 

Hair Cuttery Prices For Haircut & Styling

Cut & Style Services

Services Start At

Signature Cut


Signature Cut with Classic Blowout


Signature Cut with Deluxe Blowout


Signature Kids Cut


Value Package Signature Cut Classic Blowout


Value Package Signature Cut with Deluxe Blowout


Buzz Cut


Edge Up


Clipper Design


Deluxe Clipper Design


At Hair Cuttery, when you go in for a haircut or styling service, you’re in for more than just a trim. They make sure to kick things off right with a nice, relaxing shampoo and conditioning treatment. 

And guess what? This little extra touch is included with all their blowout and cut services. So, while you’re getting your hair done, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the full experience without any worries.

From the price list above, it is clear that they offer a range of haircut and styling services at competitive prices. 

The Signature Cut starts at $28, while upgrading to a Signature Cut with Classic Blowout begins at $42, and with Deluxe Blowout at $64. Kids can enjoy the Signature Kids Cut for $20. 

Value packages are also available, with the Signature Cut Classic Blowout starting at $54 and the Deluxe Blowout at $76. 

Additional services include Buzz Cut for $23, Edge Up for $16, Clipper Design for $19, and Deluxe Clipper Design for $37. 

These prices showcase Hair Cuttery’s dedication to providing affordable yet quality haircuts and styling options for their customers.

Hair Cuttery Prices For Seniors

Hair Cuttery offers special prices for seniors as a token of appreciation for their patronage. The Senior Signature Cut starts at $25, while the Senior Buzz Cut is priced at $21. 

Additionally, seniors can enjoy discounts on other services like Senior Edge Up for $14 and Senior Clipper Design for $17. These special rates make it easier for seniors to access quality hair care services at Hair Cuttery.

Hair Cuttery Styling Services Price List

Styling Services

Services Start At

Classic Blowout


Deluxe Blowout


Classic Updo


Special Occasion Design


Hair Cuttery’s styling services are tailored to fit various preferences and occasions. The Classic Blowout starts at $27, providing a sleek and polished look. For an enhanced experience, the Deluxe Blowout is priced at $41.

Need an elegant updo? The Classic Updo is available for $25. Planning for a special event? The Special Occasion Design starts at $46, offering intricate and customized styling. 

With these affordable prices, Hair Cuttery ensures that clients can achieve their desired look without breaking the bank.

Hair Cuttery Prices For Highlights & Colors

Color Services

Services Start At

Single Color


Root Touch-Up with Gloss


Gloss, Tone, Fashion Color


Partial Foil Highlights


Full Foil Highlights


Partial Balayage Highlights


Full Balayage Highlights


Specialty Highlights


Platinum Card


At Hair Cuttery, prices for highlights and single color services cater to various preferences. The Single Application Color service starts at $74 and includes shampoo, conditioning rinse, and a basic blow-dry. 

For those seeking a Root Touch-Up with Gloss, the price is $101, while a Gloss, Tone, Fashion Color service starts at $27. Partial Foil Highlights are priced at $73, whereas Full Foil Highlights cost $107. 

Partial Balayage Highlights start at $84, and Full Balayage Highlights are priced at $118. Specialty Highlights, which combine various techniques, are available for $133. 

The Platinum Card service, involving full foil application for lightening, is priced at $170. Please note that prices may vary based on specific requirements and hair length. Services start at the indicated prices.

Color Value Packages Price List

Color Value Packages

Services Start At

Value Package Single Color


Value Package Root Touch-Up with Gloss


Value Package Partial Foil


Value Package Full Foil


Value Package Partial Balayage


Value Package Full Balayage


Value Package Color with Partial Foil


Value Package Color with Full Foil


Value Package Color Partial Balayage


Value Package Color & Full Balayage


Hair Cuttery’s Color Value Packages provide customers with comprehensive hair color services at exceptional value. 

These packages are designed to meet a variety of color needs, offering options such as Single Color application, Root Touch-Up with Gloss, Partial or Full Foil highlights, Balayage, and combinations thereof.

Each package includes a range of essential services, including Shampoo, Treatment, Signature Cut, Blowout, and even a $5 discount on Hair Care Products.

With prices ranging from $113 to $249, Hair Cuttery’s Color Value Packages cater to diverse preferences and budgets. 

Whether someone is looking for a simple color touch-up or a more intricate balayage transformation, there’s a package to suit their needs.

Price List For Treatments & Extras

Treatments & Extras

Services Start At

Brow Shaping


Clarifying Treatment


Olaplex 4 in 1 Moisture Treatment


Olaplex Supplement Treatment


Olaplex Standalone Treatment


Olaplex Express Bond Builder Treatment


Curling – Flat Iron Finish


Curling – Flat Iron Set


You can also enhance your salon experience with a range of treatments and extras. Brow Shaping is available for $13, focusing on shaping the area between the brows. 

For $17, the Clarifying Treatment removes impurities and excess product buildup from your hair. The Olaplex 4 in 1 Moisture Treatment, priced at $17, adds intense moisture, shine, and body to your hair. 

Protect your hair during color, lightening, perm, or relaxer services with the Olaplex Supplement Treatment for $20. 

The Olaplex Standalone Treatment, priced at $24, is a 2-step bond-building treatment that repairs, protects, and strengthens your hair. 

Alternatively, you can opt for the Olaplex Express Bond Builder Treatment for $17, a 1-step 5-minute treatment that provides the same benefits. 

For a finishing touch, choose between a Curling or Flat Iron Finish for $10 or a Curling or Flat Iron Set for $15. 

These treatments and extras offer additional options to customize and perfect your salon visit, ensuring you leave feeling and looking your best. Services start at the indicated prices.

Texture & Curl Services Price List

Texture & Curl

Services Start At



Specialty Perm


Value Package Perm


Relaxer – Texturizer


Value Package Relaxer – Texturizer


Value Package Retouch Relaxer


For $77, you can get the Perm, which makes your hair wavy permanently. It also includes shampoo, conditioner, and blow-drying. 

If you want a special kind of perm, like the Specialty Perm with a different wrap, it costs $105. 

The Value Package Perm costs $131 and includes shampoo, perm, treatment, a haircut, and blow-drying. 

If you want straight or textured hair, the Relaxer – Texturizer service is $76. It includes putting chemicals on your hair from the roots to the ends and then washing and drying it. 

The Value Packages cost more but include extra treatments and styling. The Value Package Relaxer – Texturizer costs $165 and the Value Package Retouch Relaxer costs $116. The prices might change depending on your hair.

Why Choose Hair Cuttery? 

Hair Cuttery, with its expansive franchise boasting nearly 500 branches, has become a household name in the world of hair care. 

With branches scattered across various cities and neighborhoods, this brand has established itself as a convenient go-to destination for individuals seeking professional hair services.

Whether you’re in a bustling city center or a quiet suburban town, chances are you’ll stumble upon a Hair Cuttery salon nearby, making it easier for them to schedule appointments or drop in for a quick trim.

Customer Satisfaction

One of the key indicators of a business’s success is customer satisfaction. With an average rating of four stars across most of its branches, it’s evident that customers generally leave feeling pleased with the service they receive. 

Positive reviews often highlight the expertise of the stylists, the quality of the haircuts, and the overall pleasant experience.


Cleanliness is paramount in the hair care industry, and Hair Cuttery understands the importance of maintaining a hygienic environment for its customers. 

Many reviewers commend Hair Cuttery for its cleanliness standards, noting the tidy and well-maintained facilities. 

A clean salon not only contributes to a positive customer experience but also ensures the health and safety of both customers and staff members.


Aside from cleanliness, another factor contributing to Hair Cuttery’s popularity is its affordability. Despite offering professional hair services, Hair Cuttery manages to keep its prices competitive, making it accessible to a wide range of customers.

Skilled Stylists

Furthermore, this franchise prides itself on its team of skilled stylists who are passionate about their craft. 

Whether you’re seeking a trendy haircut, a classic style, or expert advice on hair care, Hair Cuttery stylists are trained to cater to diverse preferences and hair types.

Promotions And Special Offers

In addition to its core services, Hair Cuttery often runs promotions and special offers, providing customers with opportunities to save money on their hair care needs. 

From discounted services to loyalty programs, Hair Cuttery strives to reward its customers for their continued patronage.

Hair Cuttery Appointment Procedure & Cancellation Policy

Booking an appointment at Hair Cuttery is hassle-free and flexible. You have the option to book online through their website or use their convenient mobile app. Alternatively, you can simply call the salon directly to schedule your appointment. 

By visiting their webpage at, you can easily select your preferred stylist, check their availability, and explore additional services offered. 

They also understand that plans can change, and they aim to accommodate your needs. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment at Hair Cuttery, you can do so without incurring any charges.

Simply reach out to the salon through their website, mobile app, or by giving them a call, and they’ll assist you in adjusting your appointment as necessary. 

Payment Methods

Hair Cuttery accepts various forms of payment to cater to different preferences. You can pay with cash or use major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Additionally, they offer touchless transaction options for added convenience and safety.

Hair Cuttery Location And Contact Details

Hair Cuttery has numerous locations across various states, making it convenient for customers to access their services. Here’s a breakdown of the number of locations in each state:

Delaware: 8 locations

Florida: 148 locations

Illinois: 49 locations

Indiana: 13 locations

Maryland: 64 locations

New Jersey: 36 locations

North Carolina: 1 location

Pennsylvania: 68 locations

Virginia: 98 locations

West Virginia: 4 locations

For specific location details and contact information, you can visit the Hair Cuttery website or contact their customer service for assistance.

Contact Page: 

Hair Cuttery Opening & Closing Hours




8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Most Hair Cuttery salons open around 8:00 AM and close around 9:00 PM, but these hours may differ based on the day of the week and other factors.

Note that these opening and closing hours can vary depending on the location. It’s recommended to check the specific salon’s hours either by visiting their website or by contacting them directly.

Hair Cuttery Coupons, Deals & Discounts

Hair Cuttery’s in-salon promotions are designed to provide customers with valuable offers and savings while enjoying top-notch salon services. 

One standout feature is the option for free consultations, where expert stylists can provide personalized recommendations and advice tailored to your unique hair needs and preferences.

Additionally, Hair Cuttery offers a 10% discount for seniors on both services and products, providing an extra incentive for older customers to indulge in a little self-care.

Moreover, as a gesture of appreciation for their service, military personnel, veterans, and frontline workers can also enjoy a 10% discount on products and services at Hair Cuttery. 

This ongoing deal is a way for Hair Cuttery to express gratitude to those who have served or are currently serving their country and communities.

In addition to these ongoing promotions, Hair Cuttery regularly rolls out limited time offers to reward customers for their loyalty. 

For example, customers can receive 10% off their next service by signing up for email updates or 15% off by subscribing to SMS notifications.

These promotions provide customers with added incentives to stay connected with Hair Cuttery and take advantage of exclusive deals and savings opportunities.

All of these promotions are valid for the current year, giving customers ample opportunity to benefit from these savings throughout their visits to Hair Cuttery.

Check Current Promotions: 

Hair Cuttery Important Links

Official Website

Find Salon Near Me

Hair Cuttery App



Hair Cuttery’s Lookbook

Hair Cuttery’s Lookbook is like a big collection of different hairstyles. You can find ideas for all sorts of hair, whether it’s curly, straight, short, or long. 

It’s a place where you can see what’s trendy or get ideas for something new. And if you decide to try a new hairstyle at Hair Cuttery, you can share it on social media with #MyHCStyle. 

If they like your photo, they might even feature it on their page! It’s a cool way to show off your new look and connect with others who love hair stuff too.

Hair Cuttery On Social Media

Hair Cuttery also maintains an active presence on various social media platforms. On these channels, you can stay updated with the latest trends, haircare tips, and promotions.

Whether you’re looking for hairstyle inspiration, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or customer testimonials, Hair Cuttery’s social media pages offer engaging content to keep you connected and informed.






Products Sold By Hair Cuttery

Hair Cuttery prides itself not only on its exceptional services but also on the premium products it offers to enhance your salon experience. 

Among the standout brands available at Hair Cuttery is Cibu, an exclusive salon brand that promises an affordable luxury experience. 

With a diverse range of products tailored to meet various hair and scalp needs, Cibu ensures that every customer can enjoy salon-quality results in the comfort of their own home.

Product Page: 

One of the highlights of Cibu’s product line is its collection of hair care essentials, including shampoos and conditioners formulated to cleanse, nourish, and hydrate the hair. 

These products are designed to address specific concerns, such as dryness, damage, or frizz, leaving your hair looking and feeling its best. 

Additionally, Cibu offers specialty treatments like scalp treatments, which promote a healthy scalp environment and address issues such as dandruff or itchiness.

For those seeking sleek and smooth hair, Cibu offers a range of styling products designed to tame frizz and add shine. 

Their smoothing mist is particularly popular, providing lightweight yet effective frizz control without weighing the hair down. 

Whether you’re looking to achieve a sleek blowout or a polished finish, Cibu’s styling products deliver salon-worthy results with ease.

In addition to hair care products, Cibu also offers body care essentials to complete your pampering routine. 

Hair Cuttery offers an array of premium hair care products, including popular lines from Matrix and Redken, both renowned brands in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Services Offered By Hair Cuttery?

Hair Cuttery offers a comprehensive range of services suitable for the entire family. From trendy haircuts to vibrant color treatments, they cater to various styling preferences. 

Additionally, they provide blowouts, textured hair treatments, and hair straightening services to achieve desired looks. For those seeking more traditional options, Hair Cuttery also offers perms, wash and set services, and beard trims. 

Furthermore, they provide clipper cuts and waxing services, ensuring they meet diverse grooming needs.

2. How Clean Is The Hair Cuttery?

Hair Cuttery has partnered with Barbicide, a trusted brand in cleaning products, to ensure thorough sanitation practices in their salons. They use Barbicide products to clean and disinfect salon surfaces, equipment, and tools regularly.

3. Do They Accept Walk Ins?

Yes, Hair Cuttery typically accepts walk-ins, although it’s always a good idea to check with the specific salon location for their policy on walk-ins. 

However, appointments are encouraged for convenience. And walk-in customers are usually welcome and accommodated based on stylist availability.

Final Words

Hair Cuttery ensures clients can get the look they want without breaking the bank by offering a variety of hair care services. With their transparent and accessible price list, Hair Cuttery proves they’re committed to providing quality salon services at an affordable price.  

The salon offers competitive prices and occasional specials, so everyone can take advantage of professional hair care. Overall, if you’re looking for a straightforward and reasonably priced place to get your hair done, Hair Cuttery is worth checking out.


Dylan Mustapich is a NYC-based lead esthetician who has been featured in New Beauty, Teen Vogue, Wired, and The Huffington Post. With a lifelong love of all things skin, he is incredibly knowledgeable about skincare ingredients, routine refinement, and personalized skincare, and follows emerging technology closely.

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