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How This Influencer Found Her “Staple” Skincare Product

Meet Lexi, an influencer and esthetician-in-training who struggled to find a solution for her breakouts.

Lexi T.

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Lexi T.



Skin Stories is a feature series written by Atolla users about their relationship with their skin.

Growing up I abused my skin to no end. From growing up in SoCal always getting sunburned, to discovering YouTube makeup tutorials, my skin never caught a break. I kid you not, I would follow these tutorials and then see how long I could wear the makeup for until I had to redo it. I didn’t even know you were supposed to wash it off, let alone what a skincare routine was!

So, after years of suffocating my skin and sun damage, puberty hit me with the hard truth that my skin is not invincible. My face, back and chest all became infested with acne. I remember hanging out with friends and wondering if they noticed I was the only one who had pimples. Were they talking about it behind my back? Did they think I was less pretty now? My self esteem plummeted. 

My mom got me the "teen version" of her Demalogica skincare line and prescription creams from the doctors to help treat it. Using those products, it showed me it was possible to fix my damaged skin and there was a way to make it "pretty" again... and this is where the obsession blossomed. I began spending every dime I ever made in high school on skincare. Since the moment I saw improvement on my skin, I became the biggest skin enthusiast in my life. 

However, despite the last 7 years of my personal and professional research on skincare, I still struggle with acne. My skin is constantly oily and breaking out due to the stress of my normal routine. Between creating content, engaging with my hundreds of thousands of followers, going to beauty school to become an esthetician, and my own personal life, it’s a lot to juggle. On top of the stress, I travel a lot, so my skin issues are always evolving depending on where I go. 

Before Atolla, I never had a “staple” product in my routine. As an influencer and esthetician student, I try new skincare products all the time. My issue is that most products gave me temporary results. It was a back-and-forth battle of short-lived good skin and square one. 

After 4 months of using Atolla, I’ve learned that getting to know your skin on a more advanced level, rather than guessing based off what you see, can really help you make sure you’re using the best products for your skin. Thanks to using the tools Atolla has provided me — between the newfound knowledge of my skin and my own custom formula — my skin has never been this consistently clear, or bright, or hydrated. It literally doesn't matter what I have to conquer in my day, or where I am traveling to next — my skin is always ready for it. 

Here is to month 5 of what Atolla will do for me next!

- Lexi T. (Scottsdale, AZ)

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