Introducing New Ingredients


Introducing New Ingredients

A letter from our dermatologist co-founder, Dr. Ranella Hirsch.



4 MIN READ | AUGUST 28, 2021



Dr. Hirsch is a frequently quoted authority in cosmetic dermatology. Called an "expert derm" by Allure and a "beauty guru" by Marie Claire, Dr. Hirsch is the past President of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery.

We started Atolla with the core mission of helping people feel more confident in their skin and their skincare. The beauty industry today is filled with messages about “issues” you need to fix, such as wrinkles and fine lines. We don’t ascribe to that philosophy.

At Atolla, we believe healthy skin is beautiful skin. Aging is beautiful, because everyone’s skin tells a story. Your smiles and laughs over the years all show up on your face. We’re here to celebrate the wisdom and beauty that comes with healthy skin, and help to keep it at the best it can be for the years to come.

After getting feedback from our customers, we’ve been busy working to add new ingredient options. We are excited to announce that we are introducing new complex actives: retinol, peptide, and CoQ10, along with many other supporting actives to nurture long-term skin health.

With Atolla’s data-informed model, we’re able to give you the precise amount of active ingredients needed for your skin, and help monitor your results over time. Your custom serum is designed for everyday use, so you can enjoy all the benefits without adjusting your current routine. It’s all part of our mission to make skin health accessible and achievable for everyone.

Thank you for helping us get here. Every review and piece of your feedback has helped us innovate on our custom formulations and add ingredients to help you achieve your skin goals. We’re looking forward to seeing the next chapter in all of your skin stories.

Dr. Ranella Hirsch

Co-Founder & CSO, Atolla

Simplify your skincare with a custom, complementary routine.

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