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Knockouts Haircut Prices, Services & Many More [Updated in 2024]



18 MIN READ | February 29, 2024

With a vow of presenting the best look for men, knockouts come with a variety of services out there. Yes, all of them are for enchanting your look, reserved for providing a dashing posture to your look.

Knockout haircut prices are reasonable and worth the money. The ambiance and hospitality they carry as a brand are outstanding. Being such a big company, they’ve always prioritized all classes of people, so the prices have been made such.

Haircuts at knockouts are common. But, do you know there are services beyond that? And not only haircuts, the facial hair and other beard trimming services are just outstanding!

Dragging no further, let’s take a look at their services and price list.

Services Offered at Knockout Haircuts

Services Offered at Knockouts Haircut

Knockout Haircuts provides haircuts, hair coloring, waxing, and massage services. You can choose any of them and enlist yourself as their valued customer.

Let’s see what they bring to the table with the bucks demanded.

Knockouts Haircuts Price List



The Heavyweight


The Middleweight


The Lightweight


The Upper-Cut (Buzz Cut)


Golden Gloves


Champion for a Day


Neck Trim

$5 & up

Beard/Mustache Trim

$10 & up

Starting with the heavyweight, the package includes shampooing along with a haircut of your desired choice. In addition, you’ll get a scalp massage to clean your head up followed by a hot-faced towel wash to calm your face down in the end. Oh, you get to trip your facial beard and neck as well.

The middleweight package, comparatively cheaper comes with only hair packages. It includes shampooing, scalp massage, and a hot face towel.

Lowering down the price, the lightweight package comes with only hair.

For a less cut to all-over clipper cut, you’re getting the uppercut package. As this will be just a little cut, you’re getting scalp massage and hot face towel service.

There is a package for kids below 12 years old, the golden gloves! And it’s the cheapest of all the packages. Looks like they care for all.

Now, here comes the ultimate one! The Champion for a Day. This is the most expensive one of all from the chart. But they provide a whole wide service of around 2.5 hours! The service includes the best choice haircut, a neck/shoulder massage, a manicure, a pedicure, and your favorite massage.

Lastly, for a slight trimming of your neck and beard, you get the best of the best treatment there.

Knockouts Coloring Price List



Knockout Gray

$28 & up

Head Shots

$28 & up

All-Over Color

$39 & up

Beard Color

$17 & up

The knockout gray package includes camouflaging your hair in your desired manner. It’s the quickest, around 10 minutes to take in.

For a fancy hair polishing and coloring up, a headshot package is there. This is not that fancy, it’s more of a highlighter for men.

The all-over color is for the whole of hair. You get your desired color on your hair at different prices. Yes, the color matters and differs as you choose differently. It increases or decreases as per enlisted.

Finally, beard color is for coloring your beard. Any style or color you want, the stylist will assure you that.

Knockouts Grooming Price List



Fancy Foot-Work


Quick Hands


Quick Hands (Deluxe)


Mini Facial


Wax (Eyebrows)

$15 & up

Wax (Chest)

$40 & up

Wax (Nose)

$10 & up

Wax (Ears)

$10 & up

Paraffin Treatment

$10 & up

For a foot massage and pedicuring, the fancy footwork will be an ideal choice. The highly trained masseurs at knockouts are there to deal with it at the best level.

Quick massages are there for hands. There is a premium option for the hand as well (Deluxe) besides the normal one.

A facial wash followed by a hot towel treatment is there for facial enthusiasts. All sorts of relaxing facilities are there as per requirements.

Waxing of different areas like eyebrows, chest, back, nose, and ears is assured. The prices depend on the quality of waxing and the body part you’d like to go for.

A special wax treatment called paraffin treatment is also added to the menu. It’s for the hands and feet, mainly suitable for dry skin.

Knockouts Massage Price List



30-Minute Swedish Massage


60-Minute Swedish Massage


60-minute Hot Stone Massage


60-Minute-Deep Tissue Massage


60-Minute Sports Massage


60-Minute Trigger Point Massage


90-Minute Hot Stone Massage


90-Minute-Deep Tissue Massage


90-Minute Sports Massage


90-Minute Trigger Point Massage


Ringside Rub-Down

$2 per Min.

The Swedish massage is very popular and one of the most relaxing ones. The massage includes rubbing, kneading, stroking, and tapping your body muscles for the time being.

Hot stone massage includes providing relaxation and relief to your body and muscles with heat therapy. Stones are also used after heating it a bit at different places.

An additional pressurized massage is the deep tissue massage. It is for relieving the pain in certain muscle areas and joints.

Sports massage is the type of massage you usually see during sports events like soccer, football, etc. It is given by kneading and grasping your muscle joints and areas to keep them in a stable position and relaxation.

Special points of sore and painful spots the trigger point massage. Firstly, the pain is identified and then the spot is dealt with with massage and deep pressure.

The ring-side rub-down massage is the chair massage for your forehead, face, arms, etc. It is a customized massage according to your structure by the masseur.

Knockouts Haircut Salon Hours

The hours of operation of knockouts might vary during different occasions or events. But most or less, they all operate maintaining their common time cycle.




10:00am – 7:00 pm


10:00am – 7:00 pm


10:00 am – 7:00 pm


10:00 am – 7:00 pm


10:00 am – 7:00 pm


10:00 am – 6:00 pm


11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Knockouts specifically for men?

Yes, knockouts are specifically for men. All the services provided are enlisted for men only, making it one of the best salons for men.

  1. Are expensive haircuts at knockouts better?

Not all expensive haircuts at knockouts do not have to be better. Because at knockouts, they believe that quality is everything. So, whatever package you choose, you get the best service out of that. It’s the price of the service you’re paying for, not the quality.

  1. How to book for a haircut at Knockouts?

To book a haircut at Knockouts, you simply just need to visit their website and book an appointment through that. Choose your nearby outlet and confirm your schedule there.

Final Words

Knockout’s haircut prices go with their saying, keeping up the service quality and priority to the customers. Now, it’s up to you what package you choose there.

There are discounts and various coupons for their customers on different occasions. Also, you can avail of special discounts if you’re their regular customer. A lot is on the table there, you’re the picker.


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