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5 MIN READ | January 8, 2024

New Look Skin Center is a top-rated skincare and beauty center with locations in Glendale, Encino, and Irvine, California. They opened in 2007 and since then, they have built a reputation for affordable prices and safe treatments. Their friendly staff and registered nurses, along with the comfortable environment, earned them over 4.7 stars on Google and Yelp.

The centers specialize in lasers and injectables. Some of their most popular services are laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, Botox, fillers, Kybella, laser skin resurfacing, facials, and CoolSculpting. 

Pricing is quite affordable too. A full-face hair removal cost will set you back $50, while Botox injections will only cost you $11 for each unit. However, due to the elaborate nature of the treatment, most of their pricing is adjustable. So, get a free consultation for an exact quote for the skincare you want.

Appointments are easy to book online or by phone. With available services for both men and women, they also have the convenient option of booking over the New Look Skin Center app, available both in the App Store and Play Store.

The centers are open seven days a week with slightly shorter hours during weekends. They provide free consultations to create custom treatment plans based on patient needs and budgets.

For high-quality, yet affordable, treatments from industry experts, New Look Skin Center is a top choice in Southern California. Below you’ll find all about their services and pricing.

New Look Skin Center Prices and Services Explained for 2024

1. Face

New Look Skin Center Face Services

Acne TreatmentPricing with consultation
Clear & Brilliant$400 per treatment (one area)
CO2RE Skin TighteningPricing with consultation
Evoke Facial RemodelingPricing with consultation
Eyebrow Tattoo RemovalPricing with consultation
Laser Vein Treatment & Sclerotherapy15 min – $120, 30 min – $200
Latisse$120 for 3ml kit, $150 for 5ml kit
PDO Thread LiftPricing with consultation
Teeth Whitening Beaming White$90 per treatment

New Look Skin Center offers a wide range of aesthetic treatments for all skin types. Some of their most popular services include injectables like Botox and dermal fillers.

Botox smooths wrinkles on the upper face. Prices start at just $11 per unit. Fillers like Juvederm and Restylane add youthful volume to the face. Filler syringes cost around $600 each.

For skin tightening and contouring, options include Ultherapy and Evoke. Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to lift and tighten skin. 

Evoke utilizes radiofrequency to contour and firm the face and body. The center also provides CO2 laser resurfacing to improve skin texture and treat sun damage. Body contouring services include Emsculpt to build muscle mass and truSculpt flex to eliminate stubborn fat. 

Additional services include laser vein and tattoo removal, laser hair removal, microneedling, chemical peels, and medical facials. The center also offers injections like Kybella for under the chin and Latisse for longer lashes.

2. Body

Body CareCellulite Reduction: $175 per session, packages available Infrared Body Wrap: $130 per session, packages available
CoolSculptingPricing varies, consult for quote
CO2RE Intima$1000 per treatment
Evolve Trim/Tite/TonePricing varies, consult for quote
Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment$1000 per treatment
Laser Hair RemovalPricing varies by area, consult for quote
Laser Nail Fungus TreatmentPricing with consultation
Laser Tattoo RemovalPricing with consultation
Profound CelluliteFace: $3500 per treatment
Cellulite: $3750 per treatment
Weight Loss and WellnessLipotropic injections: $55 per injection, optional add-ons

The Body Care treatments can help reduce cellulite and slim your body. The VelaShape treatment uses light and radio frequency energy to reduce cellulite. They also offer infrared body wrap treatments to slim and detoxify. 

CoolSculpting is a fat-freezing treatment that can remove stubborn fat without surgery. It is done by applying controlled cooling to the area to freeze and destroy fat cells. 

CO2RE Intima is a laser treatment that rejuvenates vaginal tissues. It helps with problems like vaginal dryness and looseness. It also improves urinary incontinence. 

The Evolve treatments use radio frequency energy to contour the body. Evolve Trim targets cellulite. Evolve Tite on the other hand, tightens loose skin. 

The Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment aims to improve female sexual function naturally. It costs $1000 per treatment.

Laser Hair Removal uses laser light to remove unwanted hair permanently. Pricing depends on the area treated, so ask for a customized quote. The Laser Nail Fungus Treatment uses laser light to clear nail fungus without medicine. Laser Tattoo Removal breaks up tattoo ink with laser pulses.

Finally, the Weight Loss and Wellness injections and vitamin therapies can help boost energy and support weight loss.

3. Skin

New Look Skin Center Skin Services

Diamond GlowCheck pricing
FormaCheck pricing
HydraFacial60-min: $270, 45-min: $215, 30-min: $149
IPL PhotoFacialCheck pricing
Morpheus8Check pricing
Skin CareCheck pricing
Skin IrregularitiesCheck pricing
Skin RejuvenationETWO: $400, PicoWay: $200+

The medical spa offers many treatments for skin and appearance. While the Diamond Glow exfoliates and renews skin, the Forma treatment is aimed toward skin tightening.

HydraFacial deeply cleanses and infuses serums for smooth, vibrant skin. To improve your skin tone and reduce pigments, you can get the IPL PhotoFacial. To get rid of those scars, Morpheus8 combines both microneedling and radiofrequency.

For skincare, the center offers treatments like peels, facials, and specialty treatments to improve specific issues. Skin irregularities like tags and bumps can be removed quickly with LamProbe. Skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction uses lasers like PicoWay and VBeam. These are fast, effective treatments to improve signs of aging and sun damage.

All treatments are customized during a consultation. Most are comfortable, with little to no downtime. Results improve skin’s appearance by reducing lines, evening tone, and shrinking pores. Treatments promote new collagen and healthy cell growth to reveal clearer skin.

4. Injectables

BOTOX® / Dysport®BOTOX® $11 per unit, minimum 12 units
Dysport® $4 per unit, minimum 30 units
JUVÉDERM®Pricing listed for each product
Kybella®$490 per vial, 2 vials minimum
PRF – Platelet Rich Fibrin$400 per treatment area
PRF Gel ServicePricing listed for each service
Restylane®Pricing listed for each product
Sculptra InjectionsCheck pricing

New Look Skin Center offers a variety of injectables that rejuvenate skin in different ways. Botox and Dysport relax muscles to smooth out wrinkles and lines. Juvederm fills lines with hyaluronic acid to plump skin and improves hydration. It lasts longer than Botox, usually around a year.

Kybella destroys fat under the chin to reduce fullness. You may need more than one treatment to achieve noticeable results. PRF therapy uses your own platelets to stimulate collagen and improve texture. PRP treatment too uses platelets but aims for hair growth.

Restylane adds volume to fill wrinkles and folds around the mouth, nose, and eyes. Sculptra stimulates collagen over time to restore facial volume.

These injectables can improve the appearance of wrinkles, folds, thinning skin, scars, and hair loss. Patients see smoother, plumper, more younger-looking skin. And the best part is that most injectables have little to no downtime and long-lasting results.

New Look Skin Center Opening and Closing Hours

New Look Skin Center has the following opening hours. Do note that the Glendale location has slightly different opening hours on Sundays. Instead of 9.30, it opens at 9 AM on Sundays.

Mon-Fri8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Sat8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Sun9:30 AM to 6:00 PM

New Look Skin Center Deals, Coupons & Discounts

This January, New Look Skin Center has great deals on laser hair removal. Women can get discounts on Brazilian bikini, underarms, legs, and more. Men can save on laser hair removal for the back, shoulders, and neck. Sign up in their Android and iOS app for rewards in January to double your points on these laser services, no discount codes necessary.

Other January discounts include money off Kybella double chin treatments and savings on Juvederm and Sculptra injectables. You can get fuller buttocks with discounted injectable vials.

There are also deals on Clear and Brilliant, CoolSculpting, microneedling, PDO thread lifts, and more. B12 shots are discounted for immunity and weight loss.

At the Glendale location, you can get 6 sessions of Evoke or Evolve for $2,699 in January. See all of New Look’s January specials for significant savings on the most popular treatments and services.

They also have a membership program where you can get significant depending on your cash spent. For VIP tiers, you can get 300 NLSC Coins per $1 spent and 2000 NLSC Coins $1=Cash Credit. Check how to subscribe for the membership and avail of the cash discount for yourself here.

Contact Details and Important Links of New Look Skin Center

Gift Card 

New Look Skin Center Branch Locations and Phone Number

LocationAddressPhone NumberPlus Code
Glendale1219newlookskincenter W Glenoaks Blvd, Glendale, CA 91201, United States+1 (818) 844-15605P89+86 Glendale, California, USA
Encino17200 Ventura Blvd Suite 113, Encino, CA 91316, United StatesFloor 1. Encino Town Center+1 (818) 662-50055F5R+XX Encino, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Irvine6701 Quail Hill Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92603, United StatesQuail Hill Shopping Center+1 (818) 844-1565M64C+5Q Irvine, California, USA

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Products You Can Get at New Look Skin Center

The skincare center sells professional quality products from Alastin and Skinmedica, two top-of-the-line skincare product lineup.

For anti-aging, they have serums, creams, and retinol to reduce wrinkles and firm skin. Popular anti-aging products are the antioxidant C-RADICAL serum, Restorative Skin Complex, and Renewal Retinol.

To treat uneven skin tone and dark spots, try the A-LUMINATE Brightening Serum. It helps fade stubborn discoloration.

Dry, dehydrated skin needs hydrating serums like the HA Hyaluronic Acid serum. It provides instant and long-term hydration. The Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer also deeply hydrates skin.

For sensitive skin, they have gentle cleansers like the Ultra Calm Cleansing Cream. Nourishing, lightweight moisturizers like the Ultra Light Moisturizer are also great for sensitive skin.

The Best Sellers Kit has top products to cleanse, correct, hydrate, protect, and brighten skin. It includes the Gentle Cleanser, Restorative Skin Complex, Regenerating Skin Nectar, HydraTint Mineral Sunscreen, and Brightening Serum. Overall, New Look can be your next one-stop location for all your skincare products.

Policy, Payment, and Procedure

Appointments can easily be booked by calling, or booking online through their website. For cancellations, do remember to cancel a day in advance. Otherwise, there’s a 50% cancellation fee for late cancellations or no-shows.

They accept all major credit cards, cash and select health savings accounts. Financing options and payment plans are also available for most treatments.

Consultations are complimentary. All treatments and procedures require payment at the time of service. Some pre-treatment instructions like avoiding blood thinners may be advised.

A companion is recommended for some treatments. Let staff know of any allergies or restrictions in advance. Listen carefully to aftercare instructions on sun exposure, activity restrictions, topical treatments, when to follow up, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of New Look Skin Center?

Dr. Siamak Etehad is the owner and medical director of New Look Skin Center. He is a board-certified doctor specializing in internal medicine, rehabilitation medicine, dermatology, and emergency medicine.

Does health insurance cover New Look Skin Center treatments?

Since most skincare treatments do not fall into the category of “medically necessary,” health insurance does not usually cover skincare treatments.

Does New Look Skin Center have certified physicians?

Yes, they have certified physicians to recommend and conduct the skincare you want and need.

Does New Look Skin Center have parking facilities?

Yes, they have convenient parking options and a free parking service.

What is the cancellation policy?

You must cancel 24 hours in advance, or they’ll incur a cancellation fee. The same goes for no-show.

How long do treatments take?

Treatments can range from 15 to 30 minutes for injectables like Botox to over an hour for more involved procedures like laser resurfacing. For exact estimation, be sure to get a free consultation.

Final Words

New Look Skin Center offers advanced aesthetic treatments to help patients look and feel just the way they want. With decades of combined experience of doctors and nurse practitioners, they offer cutting-edge medical treatment at very affordable prices.

All patients can schedule a free consultation to discuss their goals. Call (818) 662 5005 or book online to schedule. They are open every day of the week.

All of their locations are located minutes away from the respective city center and they have ample parking space.

With over 34 skincare treatments, New Look Skin Center can be your best partner to start your transformative journey.


Dylan Mustapich is a NYC-based lead esthetician who has been featured in New Beauty, Teen Vogue, Wired, and The Huffington Post. With a lifelong love of all things skin, he is incredibly knowledgeable about skincare ingredients, routine refinement, and personalized skincare, and follows emerging technology closely.

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