Our Sustainability Practices

The disposal of packaging is a huge problem in the beauty industry. The EPA reports that packaging and containers contributed to 29.4 million tons of waste entering landfills in 2015, which is 21.4% of total landfilling.

The Atolla model works to minimize waste two-fold. Atolla formulates a product based on your skin data and skin goals— eliminating the need to try out and throw out countless products before finding the right one. We're making only the products that need to exist, with no extra waste. You get 15mL of your custom product fresh each month, so you're always getting exactly what your skin needs at the exact right time. Our lab is located in the US and your formula has a short, effective list of natural ingredients because we don't need to add extra preservatives since it's going directly from our lab to your door.

For packaging, we have chosen materials that can either be reused, composted, or recycled to minimize our footprint. Below is some information regarding each part of your Atolla package and how to properly dispose of them.

Shipping box and bottle platform: Our boxes are paper-wrapped cardboard and certified as part of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative by the Forest Stewardship Council. They can either be reused or recycled!

Atolla Skin Health wallet and insert card: The wallet and paper insert (the pink card and your formulation card) are printed with vegetable ink on Olin paper. It is 100% recyclable and was sourced from sustainability-managed forests focused on protecting biodiversity.

Tool testing envelopes: These envelopes are made from Glassine, which are biodegradable. You can stick these in your compost and they will break down naturally!

Skin testing tools: Our tools are paper-based and can be recycled after use.

Glass formulation bottle: The 15mL bottle that holds your formula is recyclable, but the proper steps must be taken before sticking it into the recycling bin.

  • First, remove the label from bottle
  • Rinse the bottle with hot water
  • Add soap, close the lid, and shake it up!
  • Unscrew and release soapy water with dropper to clean it out
  • Rinse again thoroughly until no soap left
  • Take out the glass pipette from the dropper
  • Recycle glass bottle and glass part of the dropper (NOTE: nitrile rubber bulb of the dropper cannot be recycled)

Simple as that! Feel good about where your products are coming from and where they're going.