Skin Stories

Sarah's Skin Story

Meet Sarah, a 23-year-old in Austin who's learned how to be more aware of what her skin needs.

Sarah T.

Atolla Member

Sarah T.



Skin Stories is a feature series where we talk to Atolla members about their skin and skincare.

How would you describe your relationship with your skin right now?

I love my skin, but it definitely has its ups and downs throughout the month.

What do you love about your skin?

I love that my skin is even and smooth— I rarely wear makeup out of laziness, but I love that my skin is naturally smooth because that makes my no-makeup decision even easier!

How has your skincare or skin changed over the years?

My routine is honestly super simple, but it works for me so I'm sticking with it :)

1. Wash face with Atolla cleanser
2. Apply lavender witch hazel toner
3. Apply Atolla serum (!!!)
4. Apply Atolla moisturizer
5. Apply The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% on problem spots

What's important to you when choosing your skincare?

The way it feels! I can't stand when my skin feels oily or weighed down by a product. I'm pretty picky about the way products absorb into my skin so this is a must.

What do you love the most about Atolla?

I love that Atolla changes with my skin and that I can change my skin goals from month to month if I want to! Sometimes I go through phases of getting bad breakouts and want to focus on that with my Atolla routine, but other times I have really great months without any breakouts and I'd rather focus on smoothness or redness. I love that I can continue to adapt my Atolla products to my goals and desires each month.

Also, Atolla has helped me save money AND time on skincare because there’s just so much information to digest out there and the Ritual makes it really easy for me to have a baseline routine without any extra work/research to find out what works for me. Even thinking back on when I used to only have my Atolla serum, the investment is definitely worth it when I consider that the product is made for me and I don’t have to spend any extra time researching other serums/products.

What does #LiveYourBestSkin mean to you?

You only get one skin, so why not make it your best skin?!

Simplify your skincare with a custom, complementary routine.