Skin Situation Dictionary


Red, inflamed, raised bumps on your skin's surface.
Consistent - Breakouts that occur more often than not (more than 15 days per month), affect the full area of the face, and are generally present regardless of diet, hormones, etc.
Infrequent - Breakouts that occur occasionally (fewer than 15 days/month) or in reaction to lifestyle, environment or hormones. Typically concentrated in one area of the face (like chin, jawline or forehead).

Clogged Pores

Blackheads or pores that appear enlarged, bumpy, or darker in color.

Discoloration / Dark Spots

Pigmented areas that are either darker or redder than the rest your skin.

TIP: When referring to scars, this includes redness or excess pigmentation only, not texture.


Skin that feels tight, flaking, or rough to the touch.


Skin that exhibits excess oil production (e.g. is oily when you wake up).


Abnormal redness of the skin due to weather, climate, or air quality.


Skin that is pitted, depressed, or raised from past breakouts or skin damage.

Sun Damage

Brown spots or uneven skin texture often concentrated on the nose or upper 
cheek area.

Wrinkles / Fine Lines

Lines and creases formed in the skin by aging or repetitive movements.

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