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T/Gel vs T/Sal: Which Shampoo Will Suit Your Scalp?



15 MIN READ | February 28, 2024

Deciding between T Gel (Neutar® Coal Tar Extract) and T Sal (Salicylic Acid) depends on the requirement of the user and the sensitivity of the scalp. T Gel shampoo is better for getting relief from itchiness and dandruff of the scalp. On the other hand, T Sal is used in severe scalp conditions where the containing salicylic acid helps to remove severe flake and scalp buildup. Perhaps T Gel is a safer option if you have sensitive skin or color-treated hair. 

Scalp issues like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, or psoriasis require the right shampoo to secure the scalp from getting further complications. In this situation, choosing the right shampoo between T Gel and T Sal is one of the first criteria to fill while solving this problem. 

Meanwhile, in today’s article, we will discuss which shampoo, between T/Gel and T/Sal, will be better for your scalp and what are the mandatory parameters you must consider while using this shampoo. 

T Sal or T Gel: Which Shampoo Will Be Better for You?

t gel vs t sal

The unwelcome guests like dandruff and dermatitis can turn your hair into a battlefield. In the fight for flake and itchiness, T Gel and T Sel can help diversely. Though the usage of these shampoos varies based on the user’s severity of the problem, both products can help to get better scalp health.

Before using these shampoos, some crucial factors need to be considered, such as the hair type, sensitivity level, and specific scalp condition.


T Gel

T Sal

Active Ingredient

Neutar® (Coal Tar Extract)

Salicylic Acid


Dandruff with itch and inflammation, seborrheic dermatitis, scalp psoriasis (with caution)

Stubborn scalp buildup, greasy scalp, seborrheic dermatitis

Frequency of Use

Start with 2-3 washes per week, gradually reduce as symptoms improve

Start with 3 washes per week, gradually reduce as symptoms improve


  • Add regular shampoo to minimize staining and for better results.
  • Consider using a moisturizing conditioner to combat dryness.

T Gel Benefits & Side Effects

T Gel has an active ingredient in coal tar extract. It has been a trusted weapon against dandruff and other scalp problems for many of us. But, just like other medications, it has potential benefits and drawbacks. Also, a user must consider these factors before incorporating them into the routine.

Benefits of Using T Gel 

  • Relieves Itchy, Inflamed Scalps: T Gel excels at calming irritation and reducing the discomfort associated with dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and even some psoriasis cases.
  • Reduces Redness and Flaking: Its anti-inflammatory properties help quell redness and control the overproduction of skin cells that lead to unsightly flakes.
  • Long-lasting Relief: With consistent use, T Gel can offer sustained control over symptoms, allowing you to enjoy a flake-free, itch-free scalp for longer periods.
  • Variety of Formulas: T Gel comes in various strengths and formulations, including shampoos, conditioners, and gels, allowing you to choose the format that best suits your needs and preferences.

Side Effects of T Gel

  • Potential Staining: Neutar® can stain light-colored hair and fabrics, requiring careful application and caution, especially during the initial usage.
  • Medicinal Scent: The tar extract has a distinct odor that some find unpleasant, although less noticeable in newer formulations.
  • Scalp irritation: While generally well-tolerated, some individuals may experience scalp irritation due to the active ingredient’s potency.
  • Sensitivity Concerns: Although typically safe, allergic reactions can occur, necessitating immediate discontinuation and consultation with a doctor.


  • Follow Usage Instructions: Adhering to the recommended frequency and application method ensures optimal results and minimizes potential side effects.
  • Patch Testing: For individuals with sensitive skin or a history of allergies, performing a patch test before full usage is advisable.

T Sal Benefits & Side Effects

T Sal has the mighty salicylic acid as its weapon, standing tall as a popular contender in the fight against scalp issues. But, like any warrior, it carries both strengths and weaknesses. Let’s explore the benefits and side effects of T Sal to help you decide if it’s the right champion for your scalp.

Benefits of Using T Sal 

  • Exfoliates Scalp Buildup: Salicylic acid effectively combats stubborn flakes, crusting, and excessive greasiness by dissolving dead skin cells and promoting their removal.
  • Gentle Exfoliation: Compared to other exfoliating ingredients, salicylic acid can be gentler, making it potentially suitable for sensitive scalps (with caution).
  • Targets Greasy Scalps: Its ability to regulate oil production helps control the greasy symptoms often associated with seborrheic dermatitis.

Side Effects of T Sal

  • Potential Dryness: Salicylic acid’s exfoliating action can dry out the scalp and hair, requiring additional moisture with conditioners or specific hair care routines.
  • Sensitivity Concerns: Although generally well-tolerated, some individuals may experience scalp irritation, especially with frequent use or sensitive skin.
  • Allergic Reactions: While rare, T Sal can trigger allergic reactions, warranting immediate discontinuation and seeking medical advice.
  • Not Ideal for Inflammation: While it tackles buildup, T Sal isn’t as effective as other options in directly addressing itch and redness.


  • Follow Usage Instructions: Sticking to the recommended frequency and application method helps avoid excessive dryness and potential irritation.
  • Moisturizing Care: Incorporate moisturizing conditioners or hair masks into your routine to counteract dryness and maintain scalp health.

Remember, Individual experiences may vary due to skin sensitivity levels. Patch testing on a small area before full use is advisable, especially for sensitive skin. T Sal might not be the ultimate solution for everyone. Consider your specific scalp concerns and potential sensitivities when making your choice.

T/Gel snd T/Sal Be Used Together? 

No, T Sal and T Gel aren’t recommended for use together due to their adverse reaction over the scalp. These two shampoos are Neutrogena products that have different compositional ingredients. T Sal contains 3% salicylic acid, which is keratolytic, whereas T Gel is the coal tar extract that works to reduce skin inflammation.

Uniting these two products can increase the risk of irritation. Also, it will reduce the potential effectiveness of the individual products. In scalp problems, the best choice is to use one shampoo that is specifically formulated for solving one individual problem. 

People Also Asked

Is T Sal Good for Dandruff?

No, T Sal isn’t the right choice for dandruff. While T Sal effectively exfoliates stubborn dandruff flakes, it might not address itch and redness as well as other options. For flaky, itchy dandruff, other shampoos like T Gel with Neutar® might be more suitable. Follow the user’s manual provided with the shampoo for specific recommendations based on your skin type.

Should I Use T Sal Shampoo Every Day?

No, everyday use of T Sal shampoo is generally not recommended due to potential dryness and sensitivity. While it effectively removes flakes, its exfoliating action can strip natural oils, leading to irritation. Start with 2-3 washes per week, gradually reducing with improvement. Consult a dermatologist for the best frequency for your specific needs.

Does T Gel Cure Psoriasis? 

Unfortunately, T Gel does not cure psoriasis. While it can offer temporary relief from symptoms like itching, flaking, and redness, it doesn’t address the underlying cause of the condition. Consult a dermatologist for a personalized treatment plan that may include medications, lifestyle changes, and other topical solutions for managing psoriasis.


The battle for a healthy scalp can be won if the right shampoo is used by maintaining the right dose and process. T Gel (Neutar® Coal Tar Extract) soothes itch and inflammation, while T Sal (Salicylic Acid) targets stubborn buildup. But the true champion emerges from understanding your unique scalp problems.

T Sal might be your hero if you want to get rid of severe build-up and scalp-damaging issues. Whereas for mild cases, the T Gel would be the right choice. Remember, sensitivity and professional guidance are crucial allies in this fight. Choose wisely, and reclaim your healthy, flake-free crown!


Dylan Mustapich is a NYC-based lead esthetician who has been featured in New Beauty, Teen Vogue, Wired, and The Huffington Post. With a lifelong love of all things skin, he is incredibly knowledgeable about skincare ingredients, routine refinement, and personalized skincare, and follows emerging technology closely.

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