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Over the years, Uptown Nail Spa has earned a good reputation through their impressive services, use of safe and natural products, effective treatments, humble behavior and reasonable pricing. Because of this, they got about 4-4.5 ratings out of 5 on Facebook, google map page and Yelp.

Nails are indeed their specialty but the salon has experts in different areas like massage, wax and facials. They are popular even among the customers. An example is Sam, a good massage therapist and nail tech recommended by many. For nails, Tiffany got most votes.

So, if anyone wishes to enjoy beauty sessions, the salon is ready to serve. You can visit anytime from 9:30am-8:00pm on weekdays, 9:00am-7:00pm on Saturday and 10:100-7:30pm on Sunday.

Not only are their services more affordable than others but also they provide discounts during happy hour for people with budget issues. Speaking of which, Uptown Nail Spa has different nail services for $20 to $85 while other beauty services start from $8 to $160.

At the parlor, they’ll attend you with welcome drinks and impress you with their skills and friendly nature. The environment inside feels cozy, and so are the seats, beauty couches and massage beds.

In case you still have questions on Uptown Nail Spa prices, their services and opening hours, then this article is here to answer them.

Uptown Salon Price with Full Services List

1. Nail Enhancement

Uptown Nail Spa Nail Enhancement

Regular Acrylic (Set)$40
Regular Acrylic (Fills)$30
Fullset Solar Color$50
Solar Color (Refill)$35
Fullset Pink & White Solar$55
Pink & White Solar (Fills)$45
Dipping Powder Set$45
Ombre Set$60 and up
Fullset Gel Nail$55

Enhancement requires a good hand that makes sure the nails look long, natural, healthy and stunning all at once, and this is what Uptown Nail Spa offers. The parlor includes different options be it acrylics, solar, gel, dipping powder or ombre so your nails look picture-perfect.

Their regular acrylic set is suitable for anyone who’s into experimental shapes and nail art. Costing around $40, it involves all the steps like cutting, filing/drilling, buffing and cleansing so that the acrylic overlay sits properly on the natural nails. Overall, it takes around 1-2 hours depending on technician, design intricacy and length or shape of nails. Usually the price of full set goes beyond $50 given the time-consuming procedure, the one that they offer seems more reasonable.  

Let’s say the acrylics are already set and the natural ones have grown out. In that case, go with their regular acrylic fills service. The staff will buff the excess or lifted acrylics, cleanse the nails, use a dehydrator and a primer and finally apply the acrylic overlay smoothly.

It should take around 60 minutes. After drying, they‘ll file and buff again for the final touch. Priced at $30, it’s quite a good deal to maintain the existing set.

Because regular acrylic nails may not guarantee glossy surface, resistance to yellowing and easy upkeep, Uptown Nail Spa offers solar nails that provide those advantages. The duration of session might be similar to acrylics. Note that original SolarNails don’t exist now as they’re a discontinued line by the company Creative Nail Design.

They’re an improved version of acrylics that uses a mix of more refined solar powder and monomer liquid and is sealed with clear gel polish, which prevents the cured nail from turning yellow while making them it more. Now, there are other inspired but effective versions of the products available with similar idea and Uptown Nail Spa uses those.

Hence, their solar nails are pricier than regular ones. The fullset solar color is $50 whereas the fullset pink and white solar is $55. The color refill is priced at $35 and French solar refill one is $45. It’s ideal for anyone who’s into simple-looking nails or plain solid colors.

Uptown also has a dipping powder set costing just $45. It’s another good deal for people wanting to make their natural nail more durable. They have multiple colors to choose from and take around 30 to 45 minutes to complete. Plus, they make sure the nail doesn’t feel heavy even after layers of dipping powder, base coat and sealer.

Their Ombre set is a little high at $60 and the reason is the inclusion of more products like the colors, shades, pigments and/or glitter. The more the extras, the pricier it’ll be and the longer it’ll take. A simple Ombre can be done within 30 minutes and may take over 4 hours if more complex designs are involved. However, anyone who loves gradient style can try it out.

Their gel nails are good at giving a natural appearance to the nails. It’s a quick enhancement technique that takes around 30 to 60 minutes to finish. Although it costs $55, it’s worth spending as the nails are flexible and resistant to breaking. For those who wish to grow their nails naturally under the extension without causing any damage, they can consider it.

2. Nail Add-Ons

Uptown Nail Spa Nail Add-Ons

Cut Down and Broken Nail$3 and up
Special Shape$5
Length Nail$5 and up
Callus Remover$8
American / French Polish$5
Paraffin Wax$5-7
Nail Design$5 and up
Polish Change Hands And Toes$8 and $15
Amer/ Fre Hands Polish And Toes Polish$12 and $15
Soak Off Nail (With Service)$5-10
Soak Off Nail (W/O Any Service)$15
Gel/Shellac Polish$25

Their nail add-on options include basic services like cutting/trimming, polish applying, fixing broken nails, shaping nails and soaking off nails with a price ranging from $3 to over $25.

As long as it’s just clipping or repairing broken nails, the services will be pocket-friendly and cheaper than other parlors. The cut down is around $3 whereas broken nail service may cost the same or more. It’s a quick job and should take around 10 to 15 minutes.

The cost goes up when getting special shapes or adding length nails whether it’s artificial tip or extension. They’ll charge $5 or a bit more than that for the services and may take around 5 to over 15 minutes based on complexity of the process.

People who love simple-looking nails can consider American or French polish service from Uptown Nail Spa. They have different choices to pick from. Their French nails incorporate solid white tips and pinkish or nude base and the American nails include more off-white tips and light beige/skin color base. They’re fairly cheaper than others costing around $5 to $15 and take 15 to 45 minutes to complete.

If you only want to remove old polish and get a new one, then Uptown will charge $8 for hands and $15 for toes. Although it’s quite costly for a change, they make sure the customers leave the salon with shiny and beautiful-looking nails.

Priced at $25, Gel/Shellac Polish will be expensive and that’s understandable since they’re high-end products. But it’s worth the price as gel or shellac i.e. hybrid gel provides long-term results, gloss and resistance to chipping. It may take around 30 minutes or more to apply either of the polishes.

In case someone isn’t into solids, Uptown offers Nail Design that starts at only $5 for simple art and goes up as the intricacy of the art increases. The duration varies based on the intricacy and extras.

Soaking off nail will cost an additional $5 to $10 if you take any service or $15 if you don’t. Since it involves removing stubborn gel or shellac polishes with a solvent which can be time-consuming, the price is reasonable.

Uptown Nail Spa also provides Paraffin Wax for $5 to $7. It incorporates dipping your hands or feet into a small tub of heated Paraffin Wax multiple times, followed by putting your hands or feet into a plastic bag and then wrapping them in hot towels.

As it hardens, the layers of wax will trap the heat against the skin that’ll help open the pores. After the wax gets completely cooled, it’ll be pulled off the hands or feet and lastly, they’ll use a hot towel to clear off any residues. Getting Paraffin Wax is quite beneficial since it acts as natural emollient that helps remove dead cells and moisturizes and softens your hands and feet. Such treatment should take 15 to 30 minutes and it’s surely worth the price.

Callus Remover is another inexpensive service. For $8, they promise to reduce the thickness of the callus by smoothing out the newly exposed skin with a callus remover. They do the job with care and the entire session should last between 10 and 25 minutes.  

3. Manicures

Classic Manicure$20
Deluxe Manicure$25
Organic Herbal Spa Manicure$35
CBD Manicure$45
Gel/ Shellac Manicure$40

Uptown Nail Spa has set everything to make sure the customers enjoy all of their manicures by including soaking, nail shaping, filing, trimming cuticle, buffing, hand massaging and polishing in each service, be it classic, deluxe, organic or CBD.  

The classic manicure is very affordable and for $20, there will be 3-minute massage, cuticle trim along with the basics. Add $5 and they offer deluxe manicure for $25. This one is reasonable too and ideal for anyone wanting some improvements in the mobility of their hands.

It has 5-minute hot stone massage in which the therapist places hot basalt stones on or around your hands that can help you get rid of pain, stress and muscle tension. Moreover, it includes Paraffin wax to moisturize your hands.

Herbal lovers can have a relaxing session by getting Organic Herbal Spa Manicure for $35 from Uptown Nail Spa. It starts with 7-minute hand massage. The staff then uses herbal masks and scrubs that are pretty effective in ensuring improvement in skin. Customers will then get a hot stone massage and paraffin wax treatment that will help relieve the muscle strain of the hands.

Their CBD manicure offers comforting hand massage for 12 minutes straight. As the hands loosen up, you get the main service which involves CBD products mainly. It begins with hemp sugar scrub, followed by hot towel with CBD-infused mask and CBD oil with collagen glove.

These are all basically Cannabidiol-based products that have been proven to lessen muscle aching and straining. So, you’re going to feel relaxed as the staff pampers your hands while using them. It’s a great pick for those who wish to lessen chronic pain issues. They’ll get a luxurious manicure service for just $45.

Gel/Shellac Manicure incorporates a good 3-minute hand massage and cuticle trimming besides getting gel or shellac nails done. It costs $40 which is fair given the services included.

4. Pedicures

Classic Pedicure$30
Deluxe Spa Pedicure$40
Milk And Honey Spa Pedicure$50
Uptown Spa Pedicure$55
Jelly Herbal Spa Pedicure$65
CBD Spa Pedicure$85
Gel/Shellac Polish (With Any Pedicure)$20

Pedicure services of Uptown Nail Spa make sure that the clients leave the place with healthy feet. When it comes to pedicures, they have more options than manicures starting from classic, deluxe, milk and honey to their signature one, jelly herbal and CBD. No matter which one you get, they’ll finish the service with applying a regular polish of your choice.

Classic pedicure is ideal for anyone who wishes to fix trivial issues of their feet within a budget. It comes with a 6-minute feet massage, followed by nail trimming, nail shaping and cuticle treatment. Then, they use mask on the feet with hot towels which works to keep them well-moisturized. All of these will cost only $30.  

Deluxe is an upgrade of classic pedicure that costs $40. They start with an 8-minute massage, followed by trimming and shaping of toenails. Next comes the sugar scrub which is enough efficient to exfoliate the feet and soften them. The staff will also smoothen feet by removing dead cells and callus with a remover.

Milk and Honey pedicure lets individuals lay back and relax as their feet are massaged for 12 minutes and then soaked in warm water blended with real milk. Because the salon uses actual milk, it works to moisturize and nourish the skin. The feet will then have honey sugar scrubbing and milk mask- a combination that helps exfoliate skin and make it softer.

Next, they provide paraffin wax with hot towel that gives similar benefits. This pedicure also offers other basic services like nail trimming, nail shaping, cuticle detailing, buffing, and callus removal. The best part is that there’s hot stone massage that can reduce the stress of your feet. It’s a fair deal for just $50.  

Uptown Spa Pedicure is their signature service, suitable for those suffering from skin dryness and muscle strain. Although the service costs $55, it’s worth spending given the treatments included. Individuals will enjoy all the pampering as the therapist massages feet for 15 minutes and then gives them bubble bath with green tea bag.

Next, the salon uses green tea scrub which helps exfoliate the skin deeply, especially if it’s dry. They then provide paraffin wax treatment infused with green tea extract which works to improve dryness and soften the skin efficiently. Finally, they apply aromatherapy oil that’s very useful for easing aches while the feet feel relaxed.  

Anyone wishing to relish benefits of herbal should try Jelly Herbal from Uptown Nail Spa for $65. First, there will be 20-minute feet massage which is followed by some healing treatments. The salon soaks your feet in green tea jelly, lemongrass and rosemary liquid that ensures deep cleansing and detoxification.

Next, your feet will be exfoliated gently with their herbal sugar scrub. After it’s done, they’ll remove callus, use herbal mask with hot towel on the feet and then go with paraffin wax to moisturize them. Next, your feet will be massaged with hot stone and lemongrass oil that guarantees relief of tension and finally with rosemary lotion for more hydration.

CBD pedicure is a luxurious service of Uptown Nail Spa since it costs $85. Although pricy, it includes multiple healing treatments that are ideal for individuals with sore feet. First, it lets your feet feel relaxed with their massaging session for 25 minutes.

The staff then soaks them in warm water and drops Pedi bomb which contains CBD, an ingredient that acts as a pain reliever. Next, they give callus treatment with honey glaze to smoothen the feet. After that, the feet are exfoliated with CBD oil infused Organic Royal sugar scrub.

Then, the staff uses CBD oil-infused Moisturizer Mask and wraps the feet with warm towels and hemp to soften them. The feet will also get hot stone massage with CBD oil to lessen strain and wear anti-aging collagen sock that helps fade wrinkled feet.

In case anyone wishes to get Gel/Shellac Polish on their toenails, Uptown Nail Spa charges an extra $20 only with any pedicure they take.

5. Waxing Services

Eye Brows$12
Upper Lip$8
Full Face$40
Ears/ Feet/ Hand$15
Under Arm$20
Full Legs$60
Knee Down$35
Bikini Lines$30
Brazilian$50 and up

Uptown Nail Spa is equipped with pro technicians who can provide less painful waxing treatments from top to bottom.

Their staff ensures they shape your eyebrows and wax the part with unwanted hair only so that it looks perfect for just $12. Besides, Uptown offers pocket-friendly upper lip, chin and nose wax that cost between $8 and $12. The full face is slightly pricy with $40, but, it leaves the face looking neat and flawless.

Although arm wax is a bit high at $40, waxing hairs from ears, feet or hand costs $15 which is quite reasonable. The ear wax can help remove both the hair and dirt. As for the feet, arms or hand wax, it works to leave the skin supple and soft.

The underarms wax is $20 and it’s worth spending since it not only removes hair and dead cells but lightens pigmentation as well.

The back wax is $50 and chest wax is $40. Although slightly expensive, both the process help smoothen the skin and improve texture.

Waxing full legs will run you $60 while knee down will be $30. The price of both may seem slightly high but they use less discomforting methods that don’t cause redness. Plus, it leaves a smooth, hairless finish. So, it’s a good deal.

If someone wants to go with Bikini wax, Uptown charges $30 which is pretty cheaper than other parlors. They make sure to remove hairs without causing much pain. Since they do a nice job handling those sensitive areas, people can consider Brazilian wax too which starts at $50 and may go up.

6. Tinting & Eyelash Extension

Tinting Eyelashes$40
Tinting Eyebrows$20
Eyelash Extension New Sets$150-200
Eyelash Extension Remove$30
Eyelash Extension Fills$50-75

Anyone wishing to add definition to their lashes and brows can try tinting services from Uptown Nail Spa. The lash tinting is $40 whereas brows is $20 and should take 15 to 20 minutes to finish. Their professionals use natural, safe tints that give a darker, more striking appearance.

They also provide lash extension services charging $150 to $200 for the new sets and $50 to $75 for fills. No matter whether it’s new or refill, they make sure you get long, natural-looking and lightweight lashes. You can also remove the extension for $30. Uptown does it carefully without causing damage to the natural ones.

7. Therapeutic Massage

30 Minutes$45
60 Minutes$75
90 Minutes$105

Uptown Nail Spa’s full-body Swedish massage can be an effective way to get rid of physical and mental stress. Such therapeutic massage is proven to relax mind and reduce various kinds of body pain. Because the salon is equipped with skilled therapists, they can address multiple chronic issues while rubbing, stroking, kneading and tapping your muscles.

Their services are designed to cater to different levels of budget. There’s 30-minute session for $45, 60-minute for $75 and 90-minute for $105.

8. Facial

Mini Express Facial$70
Uptown Spa Facial$75
Gentleman’s Facial$80
Back Brightening Treatment$110
Uptown CBD Facial$160

Uptown has some good facial services to rejuvenate your skin from $70 to $160.

Mini express is a quick facial suitable for people on a tight schedule. Its 30-minute treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, masking and moisturizing that works to freshen up your face for $70.

Uptown Spa facial is a $75 signature one that’s perfect for the sufferers of frequent acne and breakouts. The 60-minute treatments include thorough cleansing, deep exfoliation, anti-bacterial cleansing, detoxification clays, blemish-fighting masking and gentle facial extraction. All these help fight blemishes, remove acne-causing bacteria, unclog pores and prevent future breakouts while leaving the face soft and smooth.

Gentleman’s facial is designed for all the men wishing for refreshed and flawless skin. It costs $80 and involves a 60-minute treatment with deep-pore cleansing, dead cells exfoliation, proper nourishing, hydration masks and gentle facial extractions.

People who are fed up with dark spots on their back and dullness can try back brightening treatment for $110. This 65-minute treatment has cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, moisturizing and a selective masque specially formulated to suit their skin issue. The salon uses products with active ingredients that help lighten back effectively.

Uptown CBD facial is a luxurious service that’s perfect for people who’d like to rejuvenate their skin and make them look young. The 75-minute service costs $160 and has treatments involving products like Clover tree’s CBD Miracle Eye Serum and CBD DAY/NIGHT Facial Serum that help relax the skin and reduce wrinkling.

It also includes a cold stone eye treatment to lessen puffiness and lift the areas around the eyes. The hands and arms will also be treated with their special CBD Relief Balm to ease your pain.

Uptown Spa Opening And Closing Hours


Uptown Nail Spa Coupons, Deals & Discounts

The salon provides “happy hour” discounts so that the customers enjoy all the services at a reasonable range. There’s 20% off on all services before 3 pm on Monday to Saturday and 20% off the whole day on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Not just that, Uptown Nail Spa also offers discounts on special occasions especially during Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Currently, there aren’t any deals or coupons available. But you may get updates about their offers if you follow their website, Facebook page and Instagram.

Important Links and Contact Details of Uptown Spa

Interested ones can contact them through their telephone number and email address to inquire about the services and book appointments. The salon is also on different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram where they post pictures of their nail enhancement results and other treatments.

Uptown Nail Salon Dallas Contact Details and Important Links

Official Websitehttps://uptownnailspadallas.com/
Telephone number214-953-6245
Address2906 MC KINNEY AVE DALLAS, TX 75204

Find Uptown Nail Spa on Social Media

Facebook linkhttps://www.facebook.com/uptownnailspadallas
Instagram linkhttps://www.instagram.com/uptown_nail_spa/
Yelp linkhttps://www.yelp.com/biz/uptown-nail-spa-dallas

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Is Manicure and Pedicure?

The price of manicure ranges from $20 to $45 whereas pedicure costs from $30 to $85 depending on whether it’s basic or special.

A classic manicure or pedicure includes soaking, nail shaping, filing, cuticle trimming, buffing, hand massaging, polishing and masking sometimes for $20 or $30. Special manicures or pedicures go over $25 to almost $100 as these incorporate additional services like hot stone massaging, paraffin waxing, callus removal, masking, scrubbing and gel or shellac application.

2. Do You Have to Book an Appointment?

No, you don’t have to book an appointment as Uptown Nail Spa welcomes walk-in clients. However, the weekdays and peak hours may have a rush so it’s safer to book a seat in advance to avoid waiting for the service. The salon has an online booking system on their website. Click here or you can call them on this number- 214-953-6245

3. What’s the Price for Regular Acrylics?

The regular acrylics cost $40 for new set and $30 for refills. Uptown Nail Spa provides 20% off before 3 pm every day except Sunday and 20% off all day on Tuesday and Wednesday.

4. Does Uptown Nai Spa take Amex?

Since Uptown Nail Spa is in uptown area, they accept all the cards be it Amex, Visa or Master.

Final Words

Whether it’s having a mani-pedi, waxing, massaging or doing a facial, Uptown Nail Spa has got you covered. Not only do they have a variety of services but also offer other privileges for everyone.

The salon has a number of experts that specialize in different areas. There’s Tiffany and Tracy for intricate nail arts or Cherry for both intricate and basics. Mimi and Kyla are best at manicures while Elvis and Lyly are ideal for pedicures. Sam is perfect for ombre and Swedish massages. Nancy will be great for facials and Michelle will be for lash extensions.  

The nail services get you noticeable and striking results. Not just that, they make sure to use 90% natural products so the treatments will be safe and efficient.

Although Uptown Nail Spa Prices were updated, you’ll still find them more reasonable than other parlors, especially in uptown areas. And if someone walks in before 3 pm on Mon-Sat or any time on Tue-Wed, they’ll get to enjoy happy hour discounts.


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