Why You Need Moisturizer, Even When It’s Humid

If summer is a circus, your moisturizer is the balancing act.

Meghan Maupin, CEO

CEO of Atolla

Meghan Maupin, CEO

Meg is the CEO and Co-founder of Atolla. She has a graduate degree in Engineering and Management from MIT, and previously worked in design roles at Patagonia, The MIT Design Lab, and Formlabs.



Dehydration isn’t just a ‘winter’ problem . Don’t skip on this crucial step while the humidity is up!

How Does Summer Affect My Skin?

Sun exposure, excessive heat, air conditioning, not drinking enough water, going out late, and consuming alcohol, can all lead to skin dehydration. In essence, dehydrated skin is rough, flaky, itchy, and lacking water. Thankfully - this is temporary and can be avoided with a proper routine.

How Often Do I Need To Apply Moisturizer?

Summer is one of the funnest times of the year, especially now as the world opens up. Applying your Atolla moisturizer twice daily (morning & night) ensures your skin doesn’t get left behind.

Where your Atolla serum replenishes your skin with the necessary ingredients in order for it to thrive - the moisturizer locks all of that in. Moisturizers create a barrier to help seal in hydration and the efficacious ingredients in your Atolla serum, while bolstering your natural skin barrier with ingredients like emollients and ceramides.

Do I need a ‘lighter’ moisturizer? 

Similar to linen and cotton clothing, a lighter moisturizer may be easier to use and more comfortable on sweaty skin during the warmer months. Switching to a gel-based moisturizer is easy with Atolla’s custom routine - simply select your preferred texture when you complete your monthly assessment.

Sun Protection Is Key

Remember, Atolla moisturizers aren’t formulated with SPF, so it’s key to apply (and re-apply!) throughout the day as needed.  Whether you’re indoors working by a window, or out and about in the sunshine - SPF, always.

Simplify your skincare with a custom, complementary routine.