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A Vitamin A derivative that facilitates the production of collagen and ramps up the skin cell cycle. With regular cellular renewal, retinol helps smooth out the skin’s texture and provides a mild firming effect. Retinol is in a category of Vitamin A derivatives called retinoids, which are metabolized into the active form of retinoic acid. This can be a very strong ingredient, and since using it speeds up the cell cycle, there can be side effects such as shedding, dryness, and irritation. The skin’s higher rate of skin cell growth and shedding with retinol use can help decrease blemishes and scarring. This ingredient is able to counteract some enzyme activity that degrades collagen and elastin, which makes it a great addition to a skincare routine for fine line and wrinkle prevention.

When incorporating retinol into your routine, make sure to wear sunscreen daily since your skin can become more sensitive.

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